Blog Series: Social Media for Realtors Part 1

The importance of a social media strategy is now recognized by almost all business owners and marketing teams across the globe. However, there are an alarming number of industries not capitalizing on the benefits which social media can provide them with.

At Cyclone, one of our goals is to find these industries in order to help show the relevance of digital marketing within them.

One of the largest industries which we have noticed is lacking in social media campaigns is the world of real estate. This is a massive field comprised of real estate agents who often operate under independent or major real estate agencies.

While many large agencies do have social media campaigns, smaller agencies and individual realtors are not utilizing social media to its full potential.

For this reason, we are introducing a new addition to the Cyclone Strategies Blog: our blog series on social media for realtors!  In this mini-series, we will cover some of the basic social media sites for real estate, some examples of competitors using social media, examples of how to use the sites, and more. For the introduction, we will leave you with some benefits a Facebook account can provide a realtor with.

Facebook is generally the first place businesses go when they set out to create a social media campaigns; it is a great place for realtors to start as well. Selling real estate is based on intensive customer relations.

If you, as a realtor, can stay in touch with your prospective buyers using Facebook, you might be one step ahead of the competition. A Facebook page will allow you to connect directly with any clients who have a personal Facebook account – odds are this is a large percentage of your client base.

You can use Facebook to talk with these clients on a personal level, and you will be able to respond to any questions and concerns in real time.

Furthermore, Facebook allows you to post an almost limitless array of content to your fan base. This may include video walkthroughs or pictures of houses on the market, new properties for sale, updates on current sales – you name it. Staying in touch with clients and updating prospective buyers with valuable content can help increase the speed and volume of your sales at minimum costs!

As you can see, an effective Facebook page is a massive leap forward in any realtors marketing campaign.  However, we know that it can be a daunting and difficult task to get started on a large project such as this.

If you’re interested in starting a social media campaign of your own, continue to follow this blog series for updates, and contact us today to see how we can help get you on the right track to a successful operation!


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