Twitter Joins the Party

Our good friends at Twitter released a rare update today to their microblogging platform that has become hugely popular over the past few years. The new changes they are instituting are suspiciously familiar to those already in use on Facebook and Google+.

They include a redesign of where many of the commonly used buttons now reside, as well as the option to include a new full size profile image at the top of your page.

Sound familiar? Facebook made everyone convert to their new Timeline style profile several months ago that did just about the same thing. This change to Twitter does lead us to believe that they are merely following suit in what is a great focus on everything visual.

From easily imbedded Instagram links, to Twitpics, and finally now a full size profile image. Most likely done out of fear of being forgotten compared to the other visually focused social outlets, Twitter is just joining the party. Fortunately, not too soon and not too late. Users who don’t want this to take effect do not have to see the changes on their account and can keep it just the same.

So how exactly might this benefit your business profile on Twitter? Well since you have the ability now to include a much bigger picture, your brand can be visually identified that much better. You now have 2 places where an image representing your company can be included and shown to the masses on Twitter.

Your company is now that much more recognizable to potential customers and previous ones.

If you are interested in actually making this change to your account and increasing your brand visibility, just follow these few easy steps to add the image. Select the Options button in the top right corner of your Twitter page, it will look like a gear.

Select Settings from the drop down menu that appears. On the left side of your screen you will now see several options, click on Design. Scroll down until you see the Customize Your Own section. Here there is the option to Change Header.

Click that to upload your image to Twitter and then simply arrange it where you would like at the top of your profile and save. That’s it, now your profile should contain a nice image that fits your business.

Whether you like it or not, this is a clear sign that everything social online is taking a turn to the visual. People are much more easily engaged by anything visual, let it be video or pictures, so this is just Twitter’s way of saying we’re not going anywhere for a while.

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