The Best Digital Marketing Blogs of June

Well June has come and gone and summer is officially here. We’ve read many familiar blogs over the past four weeks and come across some interesting new ones. Always on the lookout for new ideas and fresh perspectives, we try to spend some time each week reading up on what’s happening and what’s changing.

We try to save some of the best ones for future reference and now we decided to share them with you. Even though they are not all specific for small businesses like the majority of our own blog posts, they have important takeaways that any marketer can apply to their organization.

Here are our top picks for helpful articles written in June. 

#1 How to improve Your Social Media Marketing Return on Investment

Rachel Sprung does a great job here approaching a topic with so much mystique usually surrounding it. Return on investment is generally a popular topic when it comes to marketing, but social media ROI is especially elusive.

Although it takes some effort, the four points she makes note of do a great job bringing yourself as a marketing closer to having a clearer understanding of where customers are coming from.

This information is invaluable when making marketing decisions and planning for the future. Knowing and not knowing can be the difference between putting you budget where it will have an impact and where it will fall flat.

Her second point on tagging URL’s is critical to understanding how many people are coming directly from social media. Otherwise you might be left guessing what other ways people found your site or article. Having such a clear and measurable path from social outlets can really make all the difference.

Even if you don’t own a small business, but are just looking to show your boss the influence social can have, these tips are for you.

#2 The Quick and Easy Guide to Twitter for Business

As we have covered in blog posts preciously on Twitter and Twitter, the guest author, Erika, makes a point of explaining the way Twitter works for the uninitiated.

The platform can be intimidating for some, which is the same reason we wrote about it in the past and have a guide on our Resources & FAQ page. She hits all the right spots with this article and helps makes it quite simple to get started.

Sometimes these points are found to be too basic, but for a small business just starting off they can be really helpful. Thinking of adding Twitter to your social media game plan or just want to try out the platform? Give this article a read.

Although the author’s page or profile is not linked, you can read more about the blog’s owner, Ryan Connors here.

#3 The 3 Everlasting Social Media Principles for Small Business Owners

I really like the approach author Benjamin Secka took to this article. He cuts right to the chase and has a no fluff style that many people tend to sidestep. His methodology works well here since the intended readers might have an outdated view of social media.

A small business owner may have come from a different field, or only begun their own gig because they could do what they do, only better. The article in essence tries to kick them out of that way of thinking and realize that there is a better way and a better approach.

Emphasizing the fact that you must stand out from the crowd online, be human, and listen to what others have are great fundamental rules to go by. His title is aptly named for that reason and any small business owner currently on social media should give this a read.

#4 Bonus: How to Properly Include Links and Penguin-Safe Anchor Text in Your Guest Blogs

Now this article is a bit advanced for some, but if you’re considering doing any search engine optimization for your business this is an important concept. Although the title says its for guest blogging and posting, anchor text has a number of different ways it can be used.

Jason DeMers really does a great job of being thorough in regard to the specifics, as well as the reasoning behind it. Since Google is regularly updating their approach, it’s great articles like this and makes it easy to understand for the average marketer.

Anchor links are only one component of search engine optimization, but if you are doing a good job and getting frequent quality links, you need to make sure you’re using them right. As the article says, try to diversify your anchor text and use variety.

It’s not so bad anymore to use larger sections of sentences as your anchor. Even though it may not have the most keywords and be keyword rich per se, Google will reward your efforts if you do it regularly. They are getting better and better at finding where quality content is and no longer are redundant keywords ideal.

So there you have it. Those are some of the best blogs posts and articles we have come across in June. Small business oriented or not, they have wide array of implications for any smart marketing approach.

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